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Here at Amick Woodworks, our goal is not to mass produce the same products, but rather make each piece specifically to the style, size, color and finish that the client is looking for.  While we are more than happy to duplicate a piece that has been previously made, we are also willing to take the time to tweak that product, whether it be size or color, to make sure it fits your space.  Our number one goal is to make sure that after the final product is either placed or installed in your home, you are able to take a step back, and know that what you see is exactly what you had envisioned.


Built-In Benches

Built-in benches allow you to add large amounts of seating in those places that are hard to fit individual chairs, or just simply accent your bay windows.  And here at Amick Woodworks, our benches have the option of storage as well!!

Barn Door Entertainment Unit

Custom Pieces

If you have an idea for a custom piece of furniture for your home, we are able to work with you to make sure the size, style and finish are exactly what you are in search of to turn that idea into a reality.


Storage and Organization Solutions

Changing out that wire shelving to a set of floating shelves is sometimes all it takes to change the entire look of your space.


Built-In Cabinetry

From kitchens to living rooms, and everywhere in between, custom cabinetry can be added to any room in your home and give your space the vibe you have always wanted.

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